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3 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Saturday June 18, 2016 comments


If you haven't heard of of Seth Godin, well wait no more!  He is a master entrepreneur, and is brilliant at guiding entrepreneurs to success.  I was reading one of his books and wanted to share what he has to say about the key skills every entrepreneur needs to be successful.  It goes way beyond working long hours, or being dedicated and having drive and passion.  

First Skill:  Put away your 'lizard brains.' I really love this one, and I think it's the one that really stops entrepreneurs dead in their tracks!  "The lizard is a physical part of your brain, the pre-historic lump called the amygdala near the brainstem that is responsible for fear and rage and reproductive drive." He says the lizard brain serves as the voice inside your head that hinders you from taking risks and tells you to tread carefully. Keeping this voice quiet is hard, but vital for entrepreneurs to find success.

Second Skill:  Godin also suggests that entrepreneurs channel their inner artist. "It's not art if the world (or at least a tiny portion of it) isn't transformed in some way. And it's not art if it's not generous. And most of all, it's not art if there's no risk," he writes. Thinking like an artist instead of a business person can open you up to new possibilities.

As an artist myself, I interpret this as being one who thinks outside the box.  In my business, I am constantly looking at ways to be different, offer people something more that they can't find anywhere else.  What do you have to offer?  Are you willing to take a risk and do something different? When you open your mind to possibilities, anything is possible!

Third Skill: Godin says entrepreneurs need to be able to connect people who have been disconnected by figuring out where and why they have been disconnected. "How much connection did you just make? That's one way to measure whether or not the work you did made a difference," Godin writes. "When you make a daring comment at a meeting, when you produce a video or app or an idea that spreads, when more people visit your farm stand because they can't get enough of the way you engage... Boring and safe rarely lead to connection."

Love this one!  So many times people move along as "sheeples!"  What I mean by that is people are afraid to stand out, rather they follow along, doing what everyone else does.  But when you choose to be authentic and be yourself, speak your mind and stand out from the crowd, well you've just accepted your greatness and people see it and want to engage with you.  They will follow a leader!


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