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6 Ways to Build Your Credibility Instantly!

Sunday June 19, 2016 comments

6 Ways to Build Your Credibility Instantly!

Having credibility is the most important thing to establish with your customers if you want to be successful.  How many times have you met someone and right away you felt you wouldn't want to do business with them, or just the opposite!  You won't succeed in business if nobody believes in you. Here's how to make certain they do.  Below are 6 ways to build your credibility instantly:

1. Be genuine about who you really are.

If you've noticed, people really aren't impressed with your title. Customers are much more likely to respect you if you just be yourself.  Being in business all my life, nothing is worse when someone "shows up and throws upI  But when you are yourself and genuine, customers are much more likely to respect you.  The moment you pretend to be more (or other) than you really are, your credibility flies out the window. Be authentic, even if all you bring to the table is your enthusiasm.

2. Know the legitimate value of what you provide.

When you truly know that what you have to offer is worth every penny, you are unafraid to communicate that to your customer. You are honest and upfront of the value, strengths and perhaps the limitations of your offering.  You will be much more likely to stand firm and not cave in to unreasonable customer demands.  You will instantly build creditability when you are strong and confident about what you can contribute.  

3. Have insights based on research and analysis.

Research, research research!  I remember when I would e calling on a client, the first thing I would do is get background information on them.  I would learn who is in charge, what are their revenues, kinds of customers they have, how they stack up in the industry, anything you can find on the company.  When you are able to add insights to a conversation, you  automatically create credibility. Insight is strengthened when you develop multiple contacts (and thus different perspectives) within the customer's firm. Remember: even the smartest CEO doesn't know everything, and as an outsider, you can bring a fresh perspective to old problems.

4. Listen actively, consider carefully, and respond succinctly.

People who have credibility don't feel the need to "prove it" all the time. Nothing says "I'm insecure and insincere" spouting pat answers to questions that haven't been asked. Listening is probably the most important skill you can have!  It goes beyond listening, rather really hearing what your customer says. Repeat what the customer says, for example, "so what I heard you say is ..."  This shows them that you really did hear them! 

5. Never talk or write in "sales-speak."

Nothing is worse than sounding like the typical sales person.  If you do, the customer will immediately tune you out, categorize you as an "empty suit". Whenever you  communicate with customers, edit out everything that sounds like a sales pitch (e.g. "money back guarantee"), don't make unsubstantiated claims (e.g. "we have the highest quality"), and avoid marketing biz-blab (e.g. "reach out", "best practices"). Instead, clearly describe how your offering improves your customer's business.

6. Be a catalyst rather than a hero.

In the comics, heroes swoop in to save the day. In real life, would-be sales heroes fall flat on their faces. Credibility comes not from your heroic actions, but from your ability to "crystallize" problems and solutions. I call this creating a vision for the customer.  Many times, the customer has a problem, but has no idea how to solve it.  If you can create a vision for the customer and you have led them to a solution, where they think it is their idea, helps the customer to be the hero, which creates masses of credibility...for you.


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