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You Get What You Quit

Friday October 17, 2014 comments

You Get What you QuitThere is one sure way to absolutely guarantee the results you will create. This is the one way to guarantee the immediate outcome of any situation. It is the one way to close off all options of success in any given direction. This way is to quit. You get what you quit. Success expert Napoleon Hill is often quoted as saying, “The majority of the people you’ll ever meet are quitters. The reason most people quit is because they fail to unearth their definite life purpose. They don’t have something worth fighting for.”

So it seems you not only get what you quit but, you lose everything else in the process. Quitting spells the immediate death of any new goal, dream, activity or focus. It is the giving up of any forward movement toward those results. With it brings the reality that your particular situation won’t progress under your own power any further. No more progress. It is the equivalent of dropping anchor on a seaward journey. You venture no further. You are dead in the water until you pull up anchor again!


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