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Meet Deb Deaton

THE Closing Expert!

Founder of the CLOSE AND GROW Program

Where I Started

I spent over 30 years in the corporate world in top Fortune 100 companies. I worked at IBM, earning top awards and was recruited by Microsoft where I introduced a sales system that was adopted and rolled out to over 25,000 employees. I was honored to earn the highest award given to only five percent of Microsoft employees worldwide, and got to work with Bill Gates, learning from the best! I have been blessed to have extreme success but something was missing. What really got me excited was teaching and helping others grow and be successful. So, I gave up my executive position in the corporate world and never looked back!

Deb Deaton

Today, I am a Keynote Speaker, Strategist, Mentor, and International Best-Selling Author, teaching businesses and entrepreneurs how to close business to grow their business. Through my “CLOSE AND GROW” program, I have worked with multi-million dollar organizations as a trusted advisor to senior management, teaching leadership skills, to frontline managers and sales staff to develop the skills necessary to drive revenues to record breaking levels. I have been able to translate my knowledge into workshops that sales teams can learn and implement strategies immediately, shortening sales team’s learning curve. It’s been a dream come true for me….finally doing what I love!

What Gets me Jazzed

I have had a lot of great success, from the playing field training for the Olympics, to the runway modeling with Cheryl Tiegs, to the board room working with Bill Gates. I have been there, done that, and am still doing it! But it didn’t come with hardships and struggles. I have been at the very top and have lost it all. I’ve made every mistake you can make. But through it all it’s about what you do with those experiences, what you learn from them. That’s what’s brought me here! If I can help people drive their business to great success, avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I’ve made, then I’m jazzed and excited!

What’s my Why

My family is first and foremost in my life. My soulmate, my husband, Kevin is my rock. Through all the ups and downs, he’s been by my side, encouraging and pushing me. My two boys, Jason and Justin, my wonderful daughter-in-law Lisa, and my three beautiful grandkids, Abigail, Alexis, and Elijah. I strive to stay healthy to be around for my family, keeping that work/life balance.

I love to hang with my hubby and two dogs. I love watching the classic movies my hubby and I treasure, bringing back great memories. I’m an artist and enjoy painting and creating art quilts. I’m a wanna be chef and love to cook, creating some amazing crazy dish (don’t ask what the ingredients are because I won’t remember!). I love my good friends, and giving and serving where I can. I love to play, I love to laugh, I love my life. And as I always say… Accept your greatness!

Deb Deaton